Your LIT experience will begin by shooting the LIT barn located just northwest of Cut and Shoot, Texas! Your team will traverse over 18 beautiful legs through the Piney Woods of Texas. You'll be able to able to stop for lunch in the Coldspring, and you'll finish at Sam Houston's home in Huntsville. Along the way, there are a few legs which will afford you the option of a change in scenery that the vans don't get to see, or an opportunity to make a sneaky pass. And, you'll also be able to participate in a pictoral scavenger hunt before this all ends in an excellent party at the finish. In all, 70 delicious LIT miles... yum yum for runners!

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Course Downloads

  • Leg Rankings and Summaries
  • Googlemaps and Leg Elevations
  • Map PDFs
  • Written Directions / Leg Descriptions
  • Exchange Coordinates